Customized UV-glue

Customized CA-glue

Aeroglue offers custom-made glue solutions in order to repair plastic interior parts for transatlantic aeroplanes (MRO, Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul). With Aeroglue, your maintenance team repairs tray-tables, backrests, armrests, and luggage compartments in minutes - all to a fraction of the price of original OEM parts.

With one single Aeroglue repair kit you are able to renew dozens of plastic interior parts, invisibly repaired and available in any color. And of course, instead of throwing defective parts away, component repair contributes to the gigantic reduction of waste material in order to save the earths future for us all.

Aeroglue supplies customized adhesive kits for the repair and overhaul of various materials used in many industries. Aeroglue cyano-acrylate repair kits (commonly know as 'super glue') are always tailor-made, you decide about the viscosity of the glue, its curing time, its elasticity, or the heat resistance of the glue. And yes, you can even determine the color of the glue yourself.

Thanks to our in-house product designers, we are happy to include any possible additional challenge to your assignment; We design, develop and produce any special packaging for processing the adhesive of your choice.

Metro, train, bus, and boat

Of course, Aeroglue isn't called 'Aero-glue' for nothing. Aeroglue started developing custom-made glue repair kits for KLM back in 2019, but other sectors are now discovering the power of Aeroglue as well, for example sectors where repair also makes a huge difference compared to similar newly purchased items. Other transport sectors are also looking with interest at our core competence; why would you replace parts at high cost when they can be repaired quickly and easily, at a small percentage of their original price? Would you like to know what the benefits are of Aeroglue for your specific sector? Call us directly!

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Aviation (MRO)