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Here below you simply fill out the specific order details when you like Aeroglue to contribute to your MRO procedures. The moment you submit your order details, we will get in touch with you asking you to send us a physical sample fragment of the plastic component that needs repair:


•  That sample tells us exactly what plastic the component is made of.

•  That sample tells us the exact colour of the component.

•  That sample tells us the exact texture of the component surface.

•  That sample tells us the exact gloss of the component surface.


Remember, scrutinizing a physical sample by Aeroglue means that it can not be brought back in service. Questions? Send us an email via

Please let us help you the moment you run into questions while filling out the form, or selecting the right product:
+ 31 (0) 627-093799

Call the Sii Group when you seek answers to aspects of aviation regulation related to your work flow:

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