Repair kit

Any Aeroglue repair kit is packed in a small box including several accessory parts for efficient application. The genius about the Aeroglue product is that its application handling nozzles were adopted from the medical industry; why inventing something new when another branch already has found the answer to that very challenge?

The Aeroglue repair kit contains the following parts:

   10 ml of glue (for repairing +/- 30 tray-tables)
•   3 kinked dosing nozzles for clear view and precise handling
•   1 spare bottle safety adapter
•   5 ml of plastics conditioner (only natural ingredients)
•   1 lint free polishing cloth

The only extra tool you might need to use is a multitool. Very detailed and minute cracks must be milled out prior to start the actual repairing process.
When desired your repair kit can be purchased including a very powerful handheld curing light.


Aeroglue  |  UV glue

Aeroglue UV glue box bottle detail (small)

Our UV adhesives are acrylate based resins which cure through irradiation with special UV light sources. We use these UV adhesives for the aviation industry because they cure in a matter of seconds, allowing a high production output, plus their oustanding bonding character on flame retardant plastics.

Aeroglue supplies tailor-made UV glue kits for the repair of plastic interior parts in commercial aircraft.
The true value of any Aeroglue repair kit is that its customized color always matches exactly the shade and texture of the surface that needs repair. 

Aeroglue UV glue box bottle (detail)
Aeroglue UV glue box open (small)